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Pool Leak Detection

Please note that I don’t repair plumbing leaks on houses only specialise on leaks to pool structure and pipe work.

We will detect any pool leaks , structural , pressure , suction and broken seals.

We warrantee to pin point the leak and repair the leak without unnecessary guessing , time wasting and digging.

No need to find a company to detect and a second company to repair , we will warrantee to find and repair.

 Means used as follows : 

  • Gas Pressure test . We use sensitive pressure gauges that will indicate wheather or not your pool pipes are leaking.

Once we have established the leak we will use our Specialized Highly sensitive locating devices to locate the precise point of the leak.

  • Another Specialized tool in our posetion in a under water CCTV Camera , we can insert the camera down the pipe to actually see the leak and take a picture.
  • We also have another way of detecting the leak by means of SOUND , Acoustic Specialized device will be able to pick up the sound of leaking water , as the system runs and the water gets forced out of the hole , broken pipe the sensitive Acoustic instrument will be able to identify the sound through experienced staff and pin point the area.
  • We also do Dye testing for structural leaks in pools.
  • In certain circumstances we can repair underground leaks by re-Lining pipes without opening any Tiles , Concrete , Wood Decks.

One stop Pool Leak Detection Company.

We will not only find the leak but also repair the leak. ( This saves time and money , as water loss will be minimal , less Frustration as no longer do you as a client need to get a specialized company to detect the leak and then a Pool Company to repair , as we are Both )

So no matter if the leak is in Pipe Work or the Pool or in circumstances a combination of both we will locate and repair.

We can on many occasions Re-Line the broken pipe without any digging or breaking.

Water loss in your pool or Pipes ? let us find and repair without guess work or time loss.

Call us for a quotation to put a end to your Pool Water loss Nighmare,  Guaranteed.

We construct new Pools , Fiberglass Line and Marblite / Gunite so no structural leak we cant find or Repair.

I suggest we have the enquiry on the same page as the leak detection will just make sense ?

This is the basic content please inform if you require any additional information.

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