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We as Pool Excellence do all types of renovations and repairs to Pre Moulded pools, gunite and concrete pools.

We repair Fiberglass lined pools, repair Pre-moulded pools from leaks to relining with Fiberglass.

Marblite pools repairs and patching.

We specialise in relining existing Pre-moulded Fiberglass pools, relining existing concrete pools with Fiberglass lining.

We also convert old Gunnite / Marblite pools to Fiberglass lined pools.

Advantages of Converting old Marblite / Gunite pools into Fiberglass lined pools.

  • You have the advantage of having the strength of a concrete constructed shell with the convenience and advantages of a Fiberglass pool.
  • Fiberglass lined pools are slightly warmer
  • Fiberglass lined pools are much easier to keep clean and maintain
  • Fiber lined pools use less chemicals 
  • Fiber lined pools have much less wear and tear on pool equipment and pool cleaner.
  • Fiberglass lined pools have a nice gloss finish leaving a sparkle in the water
  • We also Re-Marblite existing Marblite pools we install ceramic and glass Mosaics
  • Convert your Existing old Marblite pool to a Fiberglass lined pool or keep you Marblite and just redo the Marblite and Ceramic Mosaics whichever is your choice. We will explain the advantages and disadvantage of either.
  • Part of our renovation projects includes converting pools from one sealing surface to another.
  • We also convert large pools into smaller plash pools 
  • We convert smaller concrete pools into larger concrete pools
  • We convert old pools into new modern looking pools  let us convert and show you what can be done the transformation is unbelievable
  • We install flagstone pavers and non-slip ceramic and Porcelain tiles around look and entertainment area.

From big renovations to simple Sand changes or leaking pipes

We also repair and replace pool pumps and filters install and repair Weirs and detect leaks.

Whatever your requirements on either bringing your existing pool back to life or completely modernizing your pool and entertainment area give us a call to come advise and quote, we have many pictures and advice to share.

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